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Esports Tiger

Esports Tiger Arc 2 Skates

Esports Tiger Arc 2 Skates

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Introducing Esports Tiger ARC skates. Available in two types Arc 1 and Arc 2.

  • Offers protection for cloth mousepads from worn out skates
  • Rounded edges for smoother glide 
  • Thickest skates available from Esports Tiger (0.8mm)
  • Mouse feet groove cleaning kit

This product is a set of replacement mouse feet. Installation instructions are below.

  • Remove the original mouse feet 
  • Use the alcohol pad (included with the skates) to remove left over residue from the original feet
  • Remove the transparent protective film on the mouse feet
  • Then carefully align the feet  within the mouse feet grooves on the mouse's bottom shell
  • Then Flip the mouse back over and apply light pressure to fit the feet in properly.

Do not repeatedly stick and peel off the feet.

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product photo credit: Itakteck

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