Esports Tiger Neon 500 Mousepad

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Esports Tiger gaming mousepad designed for style, comfort and performance. Silky texture provides speed and control. Easy to clean fabric. 

Product Description

Take down your competition with an edgy look with the Esports tiger Neon mousepad. Improved movement and control. Style gaming mousepad optimized for esports. 
               ✔ Built with Water-eluding technology maintains quality after washing
               ✔ 100% Compatible with all mice
               ✔ Condensed rubber base offers wrist support
               ✔ Smooth and comfortable
               ✔ Consistent performance on all surfaces 

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions: (500 x 500 x 4mm)
Product Shade: Shades of pink and purple 
Rubber Base: 4MM low-density foamed natural rubber
Cloth: Synthetic fiber cloth 


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