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SheSheJia DeskMat | XXL Gaming Mousepad

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SheSheJia - XL uses a blended BWR-ED fabric that has waterproof, wear-resistant, and breathable properties, providing users with even sliding and friction.

The product has a high starting and movement speed, suitable for users who prefer a relatively smooth glide. The large size also meets the needs of users who require a desk mat.

Natural rubber base
Considering the usage scenario of desk mats, we have chosen traditional natural rubber foam base. Compared to SCR and PORON type of bases, natural rubber has higher load-bearing capacity and durability.

High-density edge sealing can increase the comfort of the mat during use and also make it more wear-resistant.

SheSheJia - XL ship rolled in a standard long box, while Sheshejia - Pink and SheSheJia - Purple ship in a flat box.

The inspiration for the product design came from a purple rabbit named SheSheJia in the book QingYi Lu. As it is the year of the Rabbit, we also love the cute and fluffy image of rabbits. The design of the pattern is composed of two rabbits with different styles. The pink rabbit is cute and playful, while the purple rabbit has a hint of playfulness in its darkness.

EspTiger SheSheJia DeskMat - Extra Large (1200x 450 x 4mm)
Retail Pkg:18.75x4.5x4.5 inch.
Weights:3.18 lbs.
Product dimension:1200x450x4mm
Natural Rubber Base
Blended BWR-ED Fabric
Extra Large Size
High Starting and Movement Speed
High Density Stitched Edge
High Load-Bearing


SheSheJia DeskMat | XXL Gaming Mousepad

SheSheJia DeskMat | XXL Gaming Mousepad