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Wu Jie | Large Gaming Mousepad

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The Wu Jie mousepad is a fine surface control fabric pad with a polyurethane foam support material that provides faster compression rebound and strong desktop adhesion during use.

The product surface is made of unfelted thread knitted fabric, and the three-dimensional weaving method provides high XY axis consistency and movement scale sensation, enabling smooth sliding and precise control in competitive gaming.

The Wu Jie mousepad uses a locking and pressing edge process for delicate seams that place lower than its surface and with a thickness of 4mm base.

The bottom is designed with a polyurethane foam material and hexagonal anti-slip pattern, which is denser and softer than traditional rubber.

Wu Jie mousepad 480 x 400mm in size, with a design of a seal in the upper-right corner with Wu Jie in Chinese wording. The overall design is black, symbolizing "water" in ancient Chinese culture and representing determination, firmness, nobility, stability, and mystery.

EspTiger Wu Jie 480 x 400 x 4mm
Retail Pkg:19.25x16x0.6 inch.
Weights:1.77 lbs.
Polyurethane Foam Base
Hexagonal Anti-Slip Pattern
Unfelted Thread Knitted Fabric
Three Dimensional Weaving
Consistant X & Y Axis
Precise Control
Smooth Glide
Lock & Press Edge
Denser & Softer Base
Fast Compression Rebound
Strong Desktop Adhesion

Wu Jie | Large Gaming Mousepad

Wu Jie | Large Gaming Mousepad